Fostering Community Compassion Leads to Good Mental Health

This is our first guest blog. It comes to you from Pemberton-based writer Cindy Filipenko. Portions of this column first appeared in the Whistler Question newspaper on September 20, 2012. Heads up: Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) kicked off on [...]

On The Path To Peace — One Step At A Time

This year, 2012, the International Day of Peace is on a Friday, special activities and celebrations will take place all across the world over the 2012 Peace Day Weekend, including festivals, concerts, a global Peace Wave with moments of silence [...]

5 Strategies to Sort the Truth from the Half-Truth

This post is a ENCORE PRESENTATION of one posted on March 27, 2012. But as kids go back to school today, I thought it was worth reviewing one of the skills I wish they were taught more of in school [...]

Community Engagement and The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is about so much more than sport. Cynics would say, “You’re right – it’s about corporate advertising, athlete endorsements and big money.” And while that has some truth to it — more importantly, it’s about fair competition, [...]

Simple Words In A Complex World

There’s a saying, “If you can’t dazzle them with diamonds, baffle them with B.S.” But despite a push towards “plain language” that began with the rise of information-overload largely driven by the Internet, we see overly complex language and jargon [...]

Eliminating Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome

Recently, I was leading a workshop for local government elected officials on how to engage better with your stakeholders and constituents in order to achieve more during a council term. Respect was a key theme of my presentation and the [...]

From Idea to Outreach: Planning for Successful Public Engagement (Better Public Engagement Part III)

This week we’ll take a look at the planning required to go from idea to successful outreach — the best practices that ensure your public engagement is effective and gets directly to the heart of the issue. Clear Objectives, Clear [...]

In Support of Outrage

I was going to give truth, or our increasing lack thereof, a break from my blog this week. And then this happened…Last week (two days after my “End of Truth” blog), USA Today and other major media outlets reported that [...]

Sorry, I Wasn’t Really Listening…

I’m preparing to facilitate a board planning retreat for a marketing organization this week. As I gather my thoughts and materials for the session, it has me thinking about my most important role as a facilitator — listening. The handy-dandy [...]

Truth, Taboos and Ski-lift Conversations

One of the fun and unique things about skiing is the conversations you find yourself having with complete strangers on the lifts. We rarely strike up conversations in confined spaces like elevators, but when folks are skiing or riding they [...]