Values-based culture


Are You Biting the Hook of Negativity?

What is it about human nature that makes us want to bite the hook of negativity? I recently worked on an initiative that “everyone” loved – meaning the majority vastly outweighed the minority by 20:1. With a few rare exceptions, [...]

Do You Treat Your Car Better Than You Treat Your Team?

Cars need a tune-up every now and then. Knowing this, most of us invest in maintaining our cars to keep them running smoothly and at optimum performance, often saving us money on expensive repairs further down the line. So why [...]

How to Rock Your Corporate Culture

Can you easily describe your corporate culture? Is it a high-performance, positive place to work? What words would you use to describe the culture of your organization? If those questions are challenging to answer or the words that come to [...]

Collaboration: How To Play Well With Others

Collaboration is a relative term. Lots of people work together, but that doesn’t mean that they are working collaboratively. When a group works in true collaboration by agreeing that the potential outcome outweighs any one person’s opinion, then sparks of [...]

Fear of Conflict? Fear No More.

This just in… Healthy conflict is NOT an oxymoron. It’s real and it’s achievable. In fact, healthy conflict can be dynamic, motivating and even exhilarating. But our old school notion of conflict can indeed be something to fear, or at [...]

Too Busy To Be A Productive Leader?

By now you may have heard the awful truth. Multi-tasking is a lie. It does not make us more productive, more get-it-all-done, more “Oprah-esque.” Multi-tasking makes us idiots. Yup, multi-tasking can lower our I.Q.s by up to 30 points. I [...]