Powerfully Positive Ponderings


Family – Our First Community Engagement

My family got together last week to mark one-year since my extraordinary grandmother — the quintessential immigrant-family matriarch — passed away. When she and my grandfather left Ireland in 1957 with their eight children for a new life in Canada, [...]

The GAP Gaffe or “Research Much?”

The GAP is doing damage control this week after releasing a T-shirt with the words “Manifest Destiny” emblazoned across it. Now, the urban contemporary clothing chain may have thought that “manifest destiny” was a cool way of saying “make your [...]

Fostering Community Compassion Leads to Good Mental Health

This is our first guest blog. It comes to you from Pemberton-based writer Cindy Filipenko. Portions of this column first appeared in the Whistler Question newspaper on September 20, 2012. Heads up: Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) kicked off on [...]

Good Communication Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

A remarkable thing happened to me last week. I was at an International Day of Peace event in Whistler, sharing the Hello Pledge and encouraging participants to sign on to the Hello movement. It was a lovely event, with shared [...]

On The Path To Peace — One Step At A Time

This year, 2012, the International Day of Peace is on a Friday, special activities and celebrations will take place all across the world over the 2012 Peace Day Weekend, including festivals, concerts, a global Peace Wave with moments of silence [...]

5 Strategies to Sort the Truth from the Half-Truth

This post is a ENCORE PRESENTATION of one posted on March 27, 2012. But as kids go back to school today, I thought it was worth reviewing one of the skills I wish they were taught more of in school [...]