Cars need a tune-up every now and then. KnowiDashboard_lightsng this, most of us invest in maintaining our cars to keep them running smoothly and at optimum performance, often saving us money on expensive repairs further down the line. So why do so few of us do the same thing for our workplace teams?

Teams also need a tune-up every now and then. And, just like with cars, these tune-ups serve to keep teams running smoothly and at optimum performance (often saving us money on expensive repairs further down the line). Those two reasons alone make team tune-ups worth the investment of time and money.

I’ve delivered several workplace team tune-ups lately and at every single one I’ve heard the same comment from participants: “We should have done this years ago.” By the time I’m working with them, the signs of neglect and poor maintenance have taken hold. Teams aren’t running smoothly: they’re not firing on all cylinders; corrosion has set in; and the ride feels clunky.

And just like with cars, regular team maintenance can be pretty simple. Here’s a quick checklist from the auto world that can help us with workplace team maintenance:


Other recommendations for successful team tune-ups include:

  • ➞ Take your team for a spin (workshop off-site).
  • ➞ Spend a full day on maintenance. Quality tune-ups can’t happen in 60 minutes.
  • ➞ Ensure that everyone gets a turn at the wheel (everyone should speak, participate).
  • ➞ Make team maintenance a regular part of your culture – schedule it.
  • ➞ Enjoy the benefits of a high performance team that fires on all cylinders

So next time you arrange maintenance for your car, consider arranging maintenance for your team. It’ll result in a way smoother ride.

Empowering change agent, Maureen “Mo” Douglas delivers powerfully positive public, workplace and leadership engagement. And she gets her car maintained every 5000km. Click here for Mo’s FREE e-Guide to Better Public Engagement. Follow her on Twitter.