Do You Treat Your Car Better Than You Treat Your Team?

Cars need a tune-up every now and then. Knowing this, most of us invest in maintaining our cars to keep them running smoothly and at optimum performance, often saving us money on expensive repairs further down the line. So why [...]

Sharing RESPECT for Successful Engagement

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a few months — mostly due to a busy summer professionally. I worked on projects that afforded me opportunities to further explore what’s required for public engagement success. Successful engagements share one essential thing in common — they establish shared values between the proponent and the participants. […]

Vulnerability and the Strength of Community

This week’s blog is by guest writer, Cindy Filipenko. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about human vulnerability. We live in a time where human connection is becoming less and less. The reasons are myriad, from lack of time to a culture that prizes the individual above the collective. What I know is that, without connection, we can’t foster an environment where vulnerability is possible. […]

The Truth North Strong and Free.. & Collaborative

It’s Canada Day as I write this. And I am a proud Canadian. I’m proud of how Canadians love their communities, proud of how we take care of each other, proud of how we care for one another in a crisis. The flooding in Alberta over the past couple of weeks has been a fine example of this. […]

Goodness is Not Gone. It Just Needs Better Coverage

The Boston Marathon bombing is a shocking tragedy, devastating an event that celebrates the perseverance of human beings. And it saddens us all. The senseless loss of life and injury to so many is difficult for most of us to comprehend. And beyond the expected reactions of anger and fear, what’s worse is the growing sense of resignation — accepting that these kinds of incidents are now status quo. But there are many reasons to find hope in this tragedy, and as the crisis dominated activity on social media, many of them I gleaned from Twitter. […]

Ending Violence is Key to Achieving Our Potential

March 8 is International Women’s Day. What is and why do we have International Women’s Day? Here’s an excerpt from the United Nations website: “The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March during International Women’s Year [...]

The Value of Trust in an Age of Deceit – Part II

After watching Lance with Oprah this past week, it made me consider not just the value of being able to trust other people, but, more importantly, the value of other people being able to trust me. Now that the anticipation [...]

Happy Blogidays!

Weekly Wisdom is taking a holiday break and will return on January 8, 2013. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and engaged New Year 2013 to you all!

From Clutter to Clean: The Great Office Purge of 2012

People who know my work would say that I’m organized. Working as an event producer, small business owner, Olympic communications director and now, as a consultant and professional speaker, I’ve always delivered my projects in an organized and efficient manner. [...]

The GAP Gaffe or “Research Much?”

The GAP is doing damage control this week after releasing a T-shirt with the words “Manifest Destiny” emblazoned across it. Now, the urban contemporary clothing chain may have thought that “manifest destiny” was a cool way of saying “make your [...]