Powerfully Positive Ponderings


How To Solve (Not Just Avoid) Workplace Problems

Problems. We all have ’em. Some of us even solve them, as long as we clearly understand what the problem is. And therein lies the problem. Problems can be a positive thing — innovation and better ideas often come about [...]

Do You Think Like A Leader?

Working in public, workplace and leadership engagement, I can guarantee one thing — in any group discussion there will be positive voices and negative voices. That’s not a paradigm-shattering observation, but it still fascinates me that some folks, when discussing [...]

New Manager? 5 Easy Ways to Show Up as A Leader.

Just got promoted? Congratulations! You’re a manager, all bright, shiny and new. You may even still have that “new car” smell. So now that you’re a manager, what happens next? Most folks make the leap from staff to management to [...]

TRUST – the Leadership Power Tool of 2015

Increase innovation, collaboration and productivity with trust. Do you think of trust as a “soft skill” or a “nice to have”? Well, rethink it, because trust is essential to achieving success, especially for folks who work in team environments. Here’s [...]

15 Ways to Engage Positively in 2015

With the New Year around the corner, here's an easy resolution: Think and act positively - the results will surprise and uplift you. To help get you started, here are 15 easy ways to engage positively at home, at work [...]

Sharing RESPECT for Successful Engagement

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a few months — mostly due to a busy summer professionally. I worked on projects that afforded me opportunities to further explore what’s required for public engagement success. Successful engagements share one essential thing in common — they establish shared values between the proponent and the participants. […]